2008 vs 2014.

its common to feel bad about your art and that everything you do is terrible and the whole world is a pointless trash rock hurtling through a void of callous destruction and profound emptiness; so every now and then take a look at how far you’ve come.

even if you haven’t come so far, you’ve experienced willful creation; which, in this massive vacuum filled mostly with nothingness, is really quite a rarity

you have a sketch book I’m not sure if I knew this…

it doesnt exist in print as yet, but i made it nov 2013, was going to make it a thing to do one every year

the lawbringer

the lawbringer

I have some content for sale, will be doing a new sketchbook this year, and if the mood takes me I’ll pdfise other chapters of my comics


sn1the said: Yo no probs dog! I'm glad I found your blog ;u; keep doing what your doing uwu

and I am glad to have been found :3

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sn1the said: YO I remember previous versions of Art School Sub Rosa from back in the day on smackjeeves yo dude you have improved SO MUCH, you are such an inspiration :O

thank u for saying a nice thing about my art that is nice and I like you more now :3

Lotte by capyBAKA
Axton #inktober  #borderlands #sketches #myart

Axton #inktober #borderlands #sketches #myart

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Maya #borderlands #maya #inktober #sketches  #myart

Maya #borderlands #maya #inktober #sketches #myart